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About Us

  • Our background

Decoration is what makes us tick and we happily foresee the future as focused more on ecological and natural products. Our business started about twenty years ago by selling natural paints and working exclusively with innovative ecological elements. With this joint sales and technical experience, it seemed only logical for us to develop and manufacture - at the beginning of the 21st century - a complete range of nature-conscious, ecological and natural paints. And this is how the name Nature et Harmonie® came to be: quality products only made in France from a careful selection of renewable and non-toxic vegetable and mineral raw materials.

  • Our approach

Pioneers regarding natural decorating products in France, we wanted to promote and develop ecological solutions which were quite new at the time. We’ve been striving for over 20 years to inform and convince people of the necessity to use more environmentally-correct products, particularly since most don’t even realised the potential harmful substances contained in paints, wood treatments and floor coatings.  

  • Ecological finish and decorative products

Nature et Harmonie® offers a full range of totally environmentally-friendly ecological decorative products and is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Nature Harmonie® products are manufactured from renewable and non-toxic raw materials creating quality, resistant and high-performance products which are both health-conscious and environmentally-friendly. Our tinting system and principally mineral and non-toxic pigment pastes allow us to propose an endless number of colours as well as exceptionally fine decoration.

  • Today and tomorrow: an available team at your service

Our new production unit spreads over nearly a hectare of land and boasts the latest technological innovations as well as never-failing environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Each year our colour workshop chooses a collection of delicate, refined, trendy and « in » colours. Our research and dyeing laboratory is equipped with a spectrophotocolorimeter, tinting machines and mixers capable of fulfilling nearly all your colour-scheme dreams!

    Our team is ready to answer your questions and concerns!




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